FARCA Brand Promotion
& HR solutions (Pvt) ltd

FARCA Pvt Ltd founded in 2016 by Sadiq Barakzai, FARCA is the first National headhunter and one of the leading HR Services provider and Brand Promotion company in Pakistan. Withemployees all over the country, we are offering our clients wide range of HR services like Executive search and Selection, Payroll services, Staffing Solutions, Staff legalizing etc.

Our unique Advantages

Efficient Process

We follow a very systematic approach where we understand our client’s requirements thoroughly before we start our search. This enables us to source the right candidates for them at minimal costs.

Qualified and Diverse Team

We have a team of qualified, experienced & friendly industry experts with senior consultants from diverse fields they provide industry experience and knowledge to source the best candidates for our clients.

Rich Database

Over the years we have worked hard to build a rich database of suitable candidates for our nationwide clients. It enables us to conduct quick and efficient candidate search and source the best candidates.

Our process

As soon as we get an enquiry, an experienced professional from our team connects with the client representative to understand their exact requirements. Then, we do a careful match between the requirements and our database of qualified candidates. We also source candidates through job portals, advertisements in various sites and through networking and references. After identifying the eligible candidates, we do an initial screening at our end. This saves our clients from going through a huge pile of unnecessary profiles to identify the right candidates. It ensures that only those candidates who match their requirements reach them. We have a great way of identifying candidates who are actively seeking cange and this saves a lot of time. We make sure that the candidates are not only suitable for the position but also passionate about their work.

our offering

We can send sample profiles within 24 hours of receiving the client’s requirements. We value time and commit ourselves to sharing information immediately so that our clients can start the selection process at the earliest. We assure to replace a candidate hired through us, if found to be incompatible or unsuitable within 30 days, at our own expenses provided all contractual obligations have been met. We also do free back check verification, upon specific request from clients.

About Us

We offer integrated Recruitment Solution in-Time Sourcing Capability, Lesser time to recruit therefore saving the opportunity cost of vacant positions. We have penetrated deep into the recruitment market and our expertise lies in our ability to source highly qualified professionals across a broad rang of function and skill sets. Whether you’re eyeing markets in the next town or across continents, we understand the importance of knowing what consumers watch and buy. That’s our passion and the very heart of our business.

our clients