Our Services

  • HR outsourcing , Training, and Monitoring
  • Baseline, Market and Socio-Economic Surveys
  • Event, Workshops, Trainings and Product Launches
  • Store Intercepts, Stall operations and Free Sampling Activities
  • Float, Road Shows and Display competitions
  • Merchandising Activities and Mystery Shoppers
  • Branding, Fabrications, Poster & Pasting

HR Outsourcing

Human resources are a vital part of every company. But not every company has the budget to staff an in-house human resources department. That shouldn’t stop you from getting the help you need or having access to the best solutions. HR outsourcing allows you to be flexible with some or all of your HR-related workload. These HR professionals can take care of everything from payroll taxes to benefits administration. Read on for reviews of each of the services listed below, plus methodology framework to help you find the service most suited to your business needs.

What is Outsourcing

HR outsourcing is the practice of securing human resources services and expertise from sources outside your company. Most often, these outside sources are HR outsourcing companies, such as farca.pk, who can connect you with experts who require zero training to immediately jump in and help you with anything from advanced policy development to administrative tasks.

Staffing Full Services (FS)

With staffing full service (FS), we recruit, and train staff, manage their work, check results, do payrolls, take legal issues, etc…. FS is SL plus recruits. Simply put, we do all the work on your behalf.

Benefit Of Using Full Service at FARCA

Convenient:    Sit back and relax, we do all of your work.

Legitimate:      Help you comply with the most updated local labor regulations that are always regarded as “Vague” and “Complicated

Economical:     Decrease your staff fixed cost and converts it to a VAT tax deductible one.

Volatile-free:    Ups and downs in labor need are no longer on your shoulder. Just focus on your business, we take care of your staff fluctuation.

Exact:                All payroll entries are manage by state-of-the-art payroll software and double checked by two officers before sending to you for                                        verification (Guaranteed loss reimbursement for wrong calculations)

Really-Confidential:      Our assurance for confidentiality

What we are responsible for

Payroll Services (PRL)

FARCA payroll service is the best solution for handling staff compensation and benefits. We work as your own Compensation and Benefit (C&B) Division, bringing you monthly payroll table and other relevant work like personal insurance and income taxes.

Benefit Of Payroll Services

Brand Activation

Your brand is a litmus test of your business.No one wants the brand to be low key, passive, misunderstood, or undervalued, so there’s a lot of work to be done as a brand consultant before you can start thinking the brand plan.If you have a great Brand Idea, it needs to be activated to its fullest potential. Activation is all about a “Beyond Advertising” attitude and it offers much deeper and powerful possibilities in building brands.

Event Management

Merchandise Activities And Mystery Shoppers

Ensuring effective trials and maximum interventions

Store Intercepts & Stall Operations

Creating Brand Retention and providing lasting experiences

Float & Road Shows

Brand activation and advertising solutions, make your brand stand out and be remembered with brand activation from giant inflatable.

A road show is a series of marketing events that allow you to nationally and internationally reach a large and targeted audience. Compared to a one-day event, a road show has an average duration of 6 months.

The rapid relocation possibilities make a road show a highly flexible marketing tool. You decide where and when your event takes place. Whether this is in the middle of a city centre, directly at the customer’s office or at other challenging locations, with both an eye-catcher on the road and on location you make the most of your marketing budget!

Display Competitions

Display contests can create excitement, prompt shoppers to venture beyond their normal shopping lists, increase the long-term sales potential for items and categories, and create opportunities for produce department personnel to develop and showcase their skills.